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          • 商品名称: Bamboo Power Bank 2600mAh

          • 概述1: External Battery Pack
          • 概述2: Bamboo Power Bank
          • 概述3: Cheap Power Bank as promotion

          • 商品名称: Bamboo 2600mAh Power Bank

          • 概述1: Mobile Phone Charger
          • 概述2: Cheap Power Bank 2600mAh
          • 概述3: Promotion gift

          • 商品名称: i-Power02A 2600mAh Battery Chargers

          • 概述1: Mobile phone chargers
          • 概述2: Dimension: 25*25*95mm
          • 概述3: Capacity: 2600mAh

          • 商品名称: 2600mAh power bank with keychain

          • 概述1: Power bank with keychain
          • 概述2: 2600mAh power bank with keychain
          • 概述3: Cheap power bank


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