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        • 商品名称: UNOs i-Power04 2500mAh power bank
        • 商品编号: i-Power04 power bank
        • 上架时间: 2014-04-19

        UNOs i-Power04 2500mAhPortable battery pack 2500mah power bank

        UNOs Power Bank 2500mAh 

        power bank 2500mah ipower04

        power bank 2500mah ipower04


        Battery type: Li-Polymer Battery
        Power capacity: 2500mAh
        Input: 5V/1.0A(max)
        Output: 5V/1.0A(max)
        Weight: 80g
        Dimension: 116*60*12mm
             1)  High capacity battery, High efficiency output.
             2)  Intelligent MCU controller, monitoring various operating status.
             3)  Over current and short circuit protect.
             4)  Long battery lifespan, more than 300~ 500 times recharge cycles.
             5)  All function operate by one button.
             6)  Auto power off, make better use of battery energy.
             7)  power bank for iPad/iPhone/Samsung/blackberry mobile&tablet PC all digital etc.
             8)  Small size, light weight and portable.
        Portable battery pack
        i-Power04 power bank 2500mah
        power bank 2500mah
        power bank 2500mAh mobile phone chargers
        Portable battery pack
        Portable battery pack
          Company Name: ShenZhen UNOs Technology Co.,Ltd.
          Operational Address: 4F,NO.27,LongBei Industrial Park,DaLang North Rd,LongHua Town,Bao’an Disctrict . ShenZhen, GD, China (Mainland)
          Website: http://www.unostech.com
          E-mail: 2215743570@qq.com
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        +86 755 8171 9451  

        Power Bank Supply

        About UNOs & JW Electronics:

              ShenZhen JW Electronics Co.,ltd.  (ShenZhen UNOs Technology Co.,Ltd.) is a high-tech enterprise which produces and manufactures of  portable power charger .UNOs has become an international competitive manufacturer ,it have been cooperated with CCTV as  promotion partners, and obtain the title of “china Famous brand”.
           UNOs insist on the rule “with the best quality and service to match the market” as our general guideline. Adhere to its high Leading technology and superior quality. Factory has established the special product research centers and manufacturing research center. with professional R&D department, we have worked many projects successfully and have done many OEM&ODM orders with many brand companies. We have many skilled technicians and engineers who have the ability to accurately transform your product concepts into high quality goods specifically for your market .
           Complying with all kinds of certification like CE, FCC, RoHS and having good logistics, Our products have been exported to US,EU, Japan and many other countries for many years.
           With the growing demand orders pressure by this strengthening market, in this Sept. 2013, UNOS Factory production area increased to over 10,000 m2 after main plant moved…
           The factory now boasts 8 professional technical engineers, 3 assembly lines of worktables and 2 assembly lines of power tools, to meet the output demand of Panasonic to the greatest extent.
           There are also professional testing and R&D labs.
           We firmly believe that you will be satisfied with our high quality products and best service. Let’s cooperate in the near future! 


        CE Certificate of Compliance
        CE Certificate of Compliance
        China Famous Brand
        China Famous Brand
        FCC Verification
        FCC Verification
        CCTV COM Promotion Partners
        CCTV COM Promotion Partners
        CE Certification
        CE Certification
        RoHs Certification
        RoHS Certification
        FCC Certification
        FCC Certification
        PSE Certification
        PSE Certification
        More Certificates: BV, CCC etc...

        UNOs & JW Electronics Sales Team

        JW Electronics(UNOs) Sales Team

        UNOs & JW Electronics Factory

        UNOs Power Bank Supply Manufacture Factory

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