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        ShenZhen UNOs Technology Co.,Ltd.

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        4F,NO.27, LongBei Industrial Park,

        DaLang North Rd,LongHua Town,Bao’an Disctrict . ShenZhen, GD, China (Mainland)

        Website: http://www.unostech.com

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        +86 13510171415

        Contact: Mr Koben


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        Why us?

        Our Factory Our Advantage

        • JW Electronics Co.,ltd. Started factory in 2007 form producing Civil battery,Phone case, and then concentrate on Portable Power Bank.
        • Lead the manufacturing of Powerbank after 6 years' of development......
        • 2007, JW Electronics was established and successfully obtained orders for several well-known brands
        • 2008, JW Electronics began relocation and began to enter the period of fast expanding, the company tripled the size......
        • Over 4 years OEM / ODM experience
        • Serving over 300 clients worldwide
        • Provides a full range of Mobile Power Solutions(Portable Power bank Solutions)......

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